I had just arrived at Tullamarine Airport from Bangkok, the contrast of warmth was almost  like a dip in an iced river.  I had not organised my trip from the Airport to my home.  There are lots of Regional Buses one of which dropped me almost at the end of my street. Bought a ticket and waited for the bus which I had caught a few times.

There was only myself and a rather stylish woman not much older than me.  It was her accent that drew me back, cultured with a tincture of pomposity.  We began talking and found out we were going to the same dropp off point in our suburb where she had lived in the same house for close to 80 years……We decide to sit with one another as there appeared a comfortable measure of comfort ….indeed it was indeed that.  The journey is around 50 minutes so we both spewed forth…

She had been interstate to spend time with then man whom she has been his mistress for around 50 years.  Her husband lives in a another state, none of this is known to him but they have had a great relationship.  Her great love was of Theatre which she attributes to the plum in her mouth…she became a Primary Teacher as I had done some 12 years before.  The commonality was thickening.   She has and is still writing books, she is up to her 21st one as I type at 80.

She rises at 8.00am and begins writing at 9.00pm.  I was overcome with edification .

What amazed me most was her father was a communist in Melbourne in the 50’s and insisted she get an education, introduced her to the Russian writers and poets and has continued throughout her life..A mother, bereaved of a son who took his own life, but three other happy children.

How so many wonderful things when you sit with someone you have never met and it all unfolds in the discourse.  We plan to meet soon.  How could one not…

The Woman on The Bus…




About dyoll09

Baby Boomer ex pat in azia for 10 years. Male. Now in Melbourne for chemotherapy.

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