This will be be my resting place, the ashes, resting in the earth…The Rose Garden, St Kilda Gardens…I have written it in my Will…I have requested that a a few handfuls be kept for Sammy, my partner, to take to Thailand….where he chooses to scatter me is of no concern, will be happy enough to return to the earth again, albeit far from my first home..

I remember when my father and brother buried my mother at Springvale Cemetery, when he said to me : ‘There is room for three”  So I guess he was offering me some mortal shelter along with he and my Mother….I don’t think so Bob, but a nice gesture all the same…I was to return to the same graveside some 16 years later to bury my father..Springvale is very much a Blakeley affair as both my parents and my paternal grandparents are interred there..

Following her wishes, my Mother had a Catholic Burial, my father, and Anglican one..In 1945 it was deemed a mixed marriage, sounding rather quaint in 2016…I have never returned to the graveside…I may want to one day.

As the journey gets longer, so too does a certain weariness, a slowness, a caution, and hearing and reading of one’s peers passing on, the sense of impermanence seems to have so much greater impact….When the giddying round ceases the calmness is able to arrive, stillness is a great comfort, like a dear friend who is happy to sit and talk despite the many inanities that one may spew forth…



About dyoll09

Baby Boomer ex pat in azia for 10 years. Male. Now in Melbourne for chemotherapy.

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