My mother rolled the lipstick across her young lips

A bookbinder in rural Maitland who met a soldier from Melbourne.  He impregnated her while he was on leave in Greta.  The Officer and the beautiful young woman who was to become his wife.  He then left her to do the things soldiers do.  She stayed in Maitland carrying his seed in her young womb.

He was not to return until he stood, motionless looking at his 10 month old son.  He did not take the young  child into his arms and swathe him in a father’s embrace.

These damaged men, who had walked among bloodied bodies of Japanese soldiers, who for the rest of their lives never spoke of the horrors that became the stories in history books.  They kept it unto themselves, to purge themselves of war. The introversion shielded them from their everyday lives.

The anger was placated by the love for their wives and children.  They went to work for the next 50 years to provide, with a sense of duty, for their progeny.

Blood and Love.

Tortured and in turmoil they continued their lives..


About dyoll09

Baby Boomer ex pat in azia for 10 years. Male. Now in Melbourne for chemotherapy.

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