We are sure to be hearing a lot about what the election results have told us, and it is true that they tell us many things.

Things such as

  1. People don’t like a Party with infighting going on constantly.
  2. The public don’t like the direction the Right Faction has taken the Labor Party
  3. Even so The Labor Party is still the most popular political party in Australia with the Liberals still having to rely on preferences from the National Party to form government
  4. A look at how the senate vote has played out makes it clear that people don’t trust Tony Abbott and don’t trust him or his party with too much control.

The number of primary votes came out like this

Australian Labor Party   3,596,825 votes

Liberal Party     3,369,726 votes

Liberal National Party     927,826 votes

The Greens    893,964 votes

The Nationals   489,150

Interestingly enough The Greens, whom the…

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Baby Boomer ex pat in azia for 10 years. Male. Now in Melbourne for chemotherapy.

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