This title is a kind of exhortation to moderation.  If we go beyond the line we are somehow seen as transgressing, exceeding, stepping across boundaries.  However I am using the phrase in relation to visual art.

Drawing, my passion, is a two dimensional activity.  Our world is made up of a complex network of lines.  Lines take expression as horizontal, curved, vertical, conjoined, eliptical, and all manner of geometrical nuances.

I have always been fascinated by lines.  As a child I drew them crudely, on paper, in books, on cardboard, almost any medium one could move some writing implement across the surface.

Our Indigenous people drew lines both in the sand and the soil, on the surfaces of their bodies, and on rocks.  Cave drawings, one of the earliest forms of communication, had their genesis in lines.

I use line in my drawings as a means of artistic expression.  One thinks of the correlation between music, art and mathematics.  Moving a pen or pencil, or any of the myriad of materials available today, across a surface is one of lifes great joys.  So often one hears people say : “Oh I cant draw’.  I do not accept that at all.

However, where to draw these lines is more problematical.  My aim when I draw is to allow the viewer to bring their imagination to the image I draw.  Like that which is not said in conversation, can often be more powerful than that which is said.

For me, often that which is not drawn in an image provides a powerful impetus to allow the imagination to engage with the image.

My images often resemble what we call in speech ‘one liners’.  We live in an interactive world and this is what I try to convey in my line drawings.


About dyoll09

Baby Boomer ex pat in azia for 10 years. Male. Now in Melbourne for chemotherapy.

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